Presidential Conference Room employs Paperless system

About the Client

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (French: La République Démocratique du Congo), referred to as Congo , is located in central Africa, the capital of Kinshasa. With a land area of 2,344,885 square kilometers, Congo is the second largest country in Africa ,the eleventh largest in the world. It has a population of over 77 millions, a population number ranks 17th in the world, 4th in Africa. It is, also a country with the largest French populations.

They wanted paperless conference system that is  pratical and concise, with clear voice and strict confidentiality function to be installed in their Presidential Conference Room in November 2019.
VISSONIC, we fulfilled their requirements with our effective solutions.

The Solution

Flush-Mounting-Lifting Desktop LCD screen display system
Electronic table display system
Large screen display system
Camera  tracking system
Digital conference discussion,Voting,interpretation system
High fidelity sound reinforcement system
Conference recording system
Signal matrix switching system
Full set of system working in the conference room


The Governors using conference system

"The whole system operation interface is concise, and the finger-operated display device terminal can easily realize the intelligent information office mode;
paperless conference system meets the needs of various conference functions, and has a high degree of confidentiality;
the site voice call is smooth, the sound is clear, each unit volume can freely adjusted through independent conference headphones."

-Project Leader  commented.