VIS-UMI is a network conference phone product based on USB communication. VIS-UMI connects to the computer via a USB data cable, supports network instant messaging software audio input and output, its pickup radius reaches 3m, and the amplification volume can reach 75dBA. The USB series of conference phones apply the second generation of audio and voice processing technology, including digital audio processing technology, dynamic noise reduction processing technology, industry-leading 256ms echo cancellation, full-duplex voice call technology, 360° omnidirectional sound pickup technology, etc. , Can conduct two-way, natural and smooth talks at the same time, making conference communication easier, clearer and more efficient, and giving users a high-quality conference experience. Its classic shape is elegant and easy to carry.
In addition, VIS-UMI conference phone products can also be used as computer microphones and speakers for music playback and recording with corresponding functions. In addition, 3.5mm earphones can be connected. After the speakers are muted, you can listen to the voice alone.


●Easy to carry, small and medium-sized meetings will be launched at any time
●HD, full duplex audio solution
●Microphone dynamic speech enhancement technology
●Adaptive high-definition amplification technology
●The 3.5mm interface can be used for docking mobile phones or other analog devices.
●support USB/ Bluetooth(optional) 
●Low power consumption design
●360 degree omni directional pickup, plug and play
●The inductive button design is more dust-proof and more durable.


●Internet conference call
Support computer communication software audio, such as ZOOM, Teams, Skype and other instant messaging software
● Answer the conference call alone
Connect to 3.5mm earphones, after the speaker is muted, you can listen to the voice alone
● Voice network voice processing technology
Smart pickup with 360° high coverage
256ms echo cancellation
Full-duplex call technology
Dynamic noise reduction
●Portable microphone and speaker
No need to drive, plug and play
Clear sound quality, no noise and no harshness
High-end and elegant business appearance 


Audio characteristics
Digital audio processing......256ms echo cancellation
Intelligent dynamic noise reduction.....Full duplex
360°Smart Pickup............... -3m pickup radius
Computer system requirements.....Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows 10/Windows XP, others
Features..........Support computer terminal communication software audio -Such as ZOOM, Teams, Skype, etc.
Volume up/down adjustment  Indicator

Environmental requirements
Humidity............20~85% (no condensation)
Noise level...........<48db
Storage temperature.............-10°~55°
Reverberation time.............<0.5 seconds