Server with software


NETLINK Paperless Multimedia System Server with software

Intel Core I7 CPU

8GB memory

128G Solid State Drive (SSD) 

1T Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

The controller of paperless multimedia conference system is installed with the server software of paperless multimedia conference system, it provides the GUI based on B/S architecture through the network. It can simultaneously manage multiple paperless multimedia conference rooms, and provides the functions including conference room reservation management, conference device management, personnel information upload, conference theme setting, role permission management, conference data upload, and post-conference data archiving.

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● Fashion appearance, industrial design, aluminum alloy panel, anodic oxidation wire-drawing process, integrated molding of the electrolytic plate,

● Stable and reliable. Designed by a pure enterprise-class platform to ensure a life cycle of more than 5 years, wide range of voltage input of 100-240V

● Strong compatibility.

● High performance and high expansibility. Supports whole series CPUs of the Intel Core I5

● Establish overall communication between the server and client of the entire paperless meeting system

● Provide conference room management, support simultaneous reservation of multiple meeting rooms in the management system, and setting of each meeting room.

● Seat management - set the entire meeting room seating layout, personnel ID location

● Nameplate management--Set the name and position of the participants in each seat, and synchronize to the nameplate display on each seat.

● Projection management--Set the projection content corresponding to each topic, support images, text free editing

● Department management--Individual personnel enter, modification and management, one-time entry system for long-term preservation, convenient for personnel to check and have the free combination ofthe internal departmental meetings, inter-departmental meetings, and multi-departmental meetings.

● User management--Set different personnel administration privileges, including system administrators, meeting administrators, etc. to ensure system information security and system setting security.

● Meeting management - Have personnel allocation and agenda management for a meeting

● Participant management - can be allocated anytime, query and adjust the participants of each meeting

● Document management - Documents required for meeting topics can be imported into the system early, and various topics can be bound for easy access by participants.

● Issue management - support agenda management and multi-issue meetings to ensure the completion of the meeting process, efficient