front/back panel of video wall processor front/back panel of video wall processor front/back panel of video wall processor

The VW10 is designed to be performed as video wall processor, with its compact but versatile features, you can easily to realize video wall picture in many ways to manage the digital signal input, on the display like LCD, Plasma, TV etc.
The input signal types: HDMI, VGA, Composite video, moreover, the decoded video like RMVB, audio and Photos can be processed through USB. Output HDMI port to meet the most common interface on the display to support up to 1080P.



●Multi-screen model

●Input signal

●Mirror function

●Edge blanking function

●USB transmit function

●System Topology

●Customizable multi-screen joint(Following are part of customizing pattern)


Name Specification
Input signal  
VGA HD15 interface and link with 1 audio interface of 3.5
Support 640*480/85HZ to 1920*1200/60HZ
HDMI HDMI 1.4(HDCP 1.3) DVI 1.0 ,HDMI embed audio
Video Automatic identification the system of NTSC、PAL and SECAM,link with 1 audio interface of 3.5
USB Standard interface of 2.0,can insert U disk,embed audio;
Support video、image、MP3、TXT
Output signal  
HDMI interface 4 HDMI  output, support joint pattern of 2*2,1*4,4*1;
Support customizing output signal of 2 to 25;
Audio 3.5 Audio interface, support left and right channels and stereo, AV signal switch synchronously
Control mode RS232、IR 、case key
Power supply AC:  100 to 240 V
Joint pattern Quad standard joint,single machine customize joint of 2 to 25
Power 20W
Case size  
Dimensions(1U) 1U 19 inch standard crate,442mm(L)*45mm(H)*242mm(W)
Weight(1U) 2.5KG

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