Chinese Academy of History

Chinese Academy of History employs Cleacon Full Digital DSP Conference System to fulfill their efficient comunication.

-Full Digital Networked DSP Conference Processor  VIS-DCP2000-D
-Full Digital Extension Main Unit VIS-EXM
-Full Digital Wired Interpretation Chairman/Delegate Unit Speaker VIS-DIC-T/VIS-DID-T
-Full Digital Wired Basic Discussion Chairman/Delegate Unit Speaker VIS-DEC-T/VIS-DED-T

Chinese Academy of History(图1)
These equipments are built on Ring Network technology, which is more stable with each unit can work indepentdently. As for the speakers, which are designed in lossless audio transmission technology, while the full digital network DSP conference processor using Automatic Gain Control Volume(AGC) / Automatic Frequency Control(AFC) technology help reach higher volume without triggering the howling effect to make sure good speaker condition.
Chinese Academy of History(图2)

Speaker Detailed View
Chinese Academy of History(图3)

Full Digital Wired Interpretation Chairman/Delegate Unit Speaker VIS-DIC-T/VIS-DID-T in black, with LED display which can shows timing, and extensive functionality such as simultaneous interpretation channel seleting and voting.
Chinese Academy of History(图4)

Chinese Academy of History(图5)
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