management are easy to understand
Different from the traditional matrix, the M5 seamless matrix can use a variety of terminal devices to manage the layers, and has professional signal source management software for cross-platform visual management of video signals!
Multi-channel source
Eextremely fast switching
Multiple signal sources can be switched under software or instructions to achieve one-to-one, one-to-N channel synchronous audio and video switching, smooth screen switching, no black spots, no fragments, and no still pictures.
Power on and work
Instant start
Power on to work in just one second or less than two seconds, no need to worry about the sudden accidental power failure, resulting in a long wait or sleep of the display device, non-volatile memory use more worry-free.
Large screen splicing
richer applications
In large-scale display scenarios, it can handle the splicing needs of full-screen or partial area screens, enrich the display signal, support switching by default, single layer splicing, KVM management and other professional needs.
Video output live preview
real-time monitoring
Preview card can live preview thousands of groups of video signal video wall, even if not in local can still view the current display status of the video wall or splicing screen, the project debugging more time-saving.

Seamless Switching

Full digital IP response switching, 4:4:4 full frame rate graphics processing algorithm can achieve 0-delay switching, high-performance processing technology can make video screen switching no black spots, no fragments, no still pictures

Audio management

Unique intelligent audio management, manages the audio in the video signal, the analog audio can be embedded in the video, or the digital audio can be de-embedded into the analog audio, enriching the audio for the video picture

Online upgrade

Upgrade to extend the equipment life cycle, and the online upgrade can provide the latest support for subsequent video codecs, will not be unable to display the failure of the new codec technology, long-term use of more worry

Technical Specifications

  • Scrolling Text

    Add subtitles or overlay pictures to the display, and set the font format or scrolling speed to simulate LED scrolling banners.

  • Visual control

    Professional visual control software and web page are equipped with virtual switching interface, which make users seem to operate in a real panel.

  • Audio Management

    Video and audio signals can be managed separately, enabling analog audio to be embedded in or de-embedded from video.

  • Customize logo

    Add information such as customize logo for the signal source in real time. It’s easy to set signal logo to quickly distinguish the signal source.

  • Live Preview

    The optional preview card enables the PC and iPad to synchronize video preview and switch, and monitors the content on the display in real time.

  • IPC Connection

    IP digital camera equipment such as security camera and CCTV can be connected to be joint controlled or sent command, etc.

  • External power supply

    When using HDBaseT input and output signals, meanwhile, it transmits RS232 control signals and supports POC external power supply.

  • Full Digital

    The full digital switching process can be used for multi-channel synchronization switching. IPad and software can be operated at the same time.

Product List

Application Cases

July 22
Chinese Academy of History
The ultra-high-definition seamless hybrid video matrix that can quickly switch without delay was used in the press conference of the Chinese Academy of History. With its stable and excellent performance, it responded to many important conferences...
December 22
Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Zhongshan City
Among the various video matrixes, we chose VISSONIC, which has living preview for lots of screens and unique audio management that are rare in the market. We only need to use portable devices such as iPads to visually control the screen...
March 15
Xi'an Railway Bureau
0 second to power-on is very beneficial to our work. The monitoring room needs to monitor important events in real time to ensure the order of the place. VISSONIC has provided ultra HD video signal switching solution for Xi'an Railway Bureau...