The Huge Capabilities of Seamless Video Splicing Processors

Have you ever seen a scene like this in a movie? In the basement, a dozen TV screens are arranged together, showing the action of the protagonist, the picture is so high-definition that even the skin fuzz can be seen clearly. In fact, these connected screens have a professional name: seamless video splicing processor.

Work content

HD video splicing processor is for video signal processing and control of professional equipment. It splits the video signal into multiple video display units, and then the split video display unit signal output to multiple display terminals, and complete the splicing of multiple display terminals to form a complete image. The processing is completely hardware, no computer to start the splicing software and other operations, very simple. We say the display terminal is generally DLP screen, LCD splicing screen, LED display, projector, monitor, LCD TV, etc..

Seamless Video Splicing Processors

Technical architecture

HD video splicing processor using FPGA + ARM system architecture. FPGA to complete the processing of video images and data transmission; ARM to build the entire system communication, control interface, video coding and decoding system and intelligent analysis modules, greatly enhancing the flexibility of the system, to achieve cross-platform interaction, using the world's most advanced high-speed video processing chip, the application of advanced Digital image processing algorithms, and support a variety of video source input mode.


Splicing processor composed of TV screen wall high resolution, high reliability, dynamic image natural smooth, clear and vivid, low cost, display video rich. Suitable for command, video teleconferencing, three-dimensional presentation, monitoring, advertising and other high-end areas of mixed use of video. Multi-stage connection can form any size of TV screen wall . It is specially designed for high demand real-time ultra-high resolution application. Widely used in: monitoring, command, dispatching system, public security, fire, military, meteorology, railroad, aviation and other monitoring systems, video conference, query system, etc.

function of Modular Seamless Switching Videowall Processor 8x8

Functional characteristics

1, Support multi-format: our X9 series modular splicing wall processor contains 0808, 1616, 3636, 7272 and other models, its signal input / output interface contains HDMI, DVI, VGA, HDBaseT, SDI, optical fiber and other video interfaces. Can form a single interface type or multi-interface type matrix, such as fiber matrix, HDMI matrix, DVI matrix, CAT5 matrix, VGA matrix, YUV matrix, video matrix, etc.

2, Reliability: pure hardware splicing processor, is currently available for full-screen dynamic real-time display of ultra-high resolution pure hardware image of high-speed processors, very suitable for long-term continuous and stable work of the occasion.

3, Expandability: can support simultaneous input and output display 4K high-definition video signal, choose any one of the way to enlarge to the full screen.

4, Simplicity: the processing is completely hardwareized, no need for computer and start software and other operations, very easy, connect the signal line and power supply to work.


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