Modular Seamless Matrix Switcher 36x36


M5 Seamless Hybrid Switching Matrix Modular Seamless Matrix Switcher 36x36

Seamless switching 36x36

Modular design, plug-in structure

Maximum resolution up to 4k@60Hz

Working in 24/7

High reliability

The M5 Series is a seamless hybrid matrix switcher with modular design and plug-in structure. It supports seamless switching up to 4k@60Hz, with a wide product range of up to 144x input and 144x output. It is designed for mission-critical situations that work 24/7. It has high reliability and is widely used in conference rooms, command centers, security monitoring, exhibition displays, military command, education and research, government announcements, commercial displays and other industries.

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●Audio and video switching equipment that supports seamless switching of 4K@60 UHD signals

Single channel maximum resolution up to 4Kx2K@60Hz, support 4K input collection, 4K seamless output, backward compatible with all standard resolutions, and support resolution customization.

● 4K2K arbitrary switch

Full digital seamless switching technology, two signal parallel processing, to ensure that the switch no black field, no flash screen, no fragmentation, and no static picture. It can meet 2K and 4K signals arbitrary switch, and adopts 4:4:4 full frame rate graphics processing algorithm, true to restore the graphics color, the delay is as low as 0ms.

● With rolling subtitles

Superimpose pictures at any position of each input signal or customize text in any language or font size, which can be set as a rolling analog LED banner.

● Visualization control

The configuration of the preview card can realize the video preview and switching on the PC and tablet, and supports real-time monitoring of the contents of the large screen.

● Audio intelligent management

Support analog audio embedded in video, digital audio de-embedded into analog audio, support audio and video in the hybrid matrix system independent switching, which can be controlled through the front panel, software, control port, etc.

● Support splicing function

Splicing output supports single layer arbitrary zooming, superimposing, cross-screening, and roaming. A single signal can be spliced and displayed on any M×N display unit, and M and N are all positive integers greater than or equal to 1.

● Multi-terminal simultaneous visualization operation

The visual preview of the signal, support on any system, any PC/mobile phone/tablet, realize visualization, movable, touch management, multiple operation terminals can be simultaneously controlled and status synchronized.