Professional HDMI Camera Switcher and Recorder


Camera Auto track and Recorder Professional HDMI Camera Switcher and Recorder

Video conference/meeting recording

2ch/3ch/4ch HDMI input

1ch VGA/HDMI/web guide

1ch HDMI loop out

1 audio input 2 audio output

With its advanced design and innovative features, the Professional HDMI Camera Switcher and Recorder is the better tool for professionals looking to capture and broadcast high-quality video content.

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●Compact portable equipment, integrated high-definition video, audio, VGA, USB and other input and output interfaces.

●Support access HD and SD signals, automatic identification signal combined layout pattern of their choice, can be very convenient for video, audio and computer screen simultaneously recording signals and local preview playback.

●Recording and generating common MP4 video files.

●You can use PC manage and control system.

●HDMI, VGA dual output design. HDMI output video conference screen, VGA output directed interface.

●Working with conference controller DCP2000 to get the camera auto-tracking and recording system

●Live broadcast under LAN or Ethernet