Digital 64 Channels Interpreter Desk Pro with IC Card


Digital IR Language Distribution System Digital 64 Channels Interpreter Desk Pro with IC Card

Simplified, intuitive and digital design

6.8" TFT LCD screen

Supports up to 64 languages

Fully compliant with ISO 20109, 2603, and 4043

Braille buttons and audible cues for visually impaired interpreters

VIS-INT64-P is a translation console with up to 64 channels. It offers a 6.8" TFT LCD screen, built-in speakers, and detachable microphone and headphone/microphone jack, meeting the translation needs of multilingual venues. Its digital design minimizes background noise, distortion, and crosstalk. Intuitive operation allows for a single glance for the entire interpreting process. It fully complies with ISO 20109, 2603, and 4043.

    ● 1000M network digital transmission

    ● Supports daisy-chained connections, built-in data refreshing, and cable redundancy

    ● Each system supports up to 1000 translation units

    ● Braille buttons and audible cues for visually impaired interpreters

    ● Intuitive color display and button layout

    ● Durable all-metal aluminum alloy casing, highly resistant to external RF interference

    ● TYPE-C connectivity for audio input or output recording

    ● Seven input channels plus original sound channels

    ● A/B/C output channels

    ● Compliant with ISO standards 20109, 2603, and 4043

    ● Supports connection to VISSONIC paperless conference systems, audio playback, HDMI video output

    ● Digital audio technology with built-in high-speed DSP processing.

    ● Supports 48 kHz audio sampling rate on all 64 channels, with a frequency response from 30 Hz to 20 kHz

    ● Detachable microphone design

    ● Separate volume control for speakers and headphone jacks.

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● Up to 64 language channels (including original sound channel)

● Support for up to 1000 translation units in the system

● Hot-swappable support

● Direct and relay translation capabilities

● Hearing protection function

● Translation units can be set as operation units, enabling internal communication between translation units and operation units

● Language and system configuration can be configured in the menu of the interpretation unit

● SMS and tea request functions

● COUGH key to mute the microphone to avoid unnecessary sound output

● SLOW button available

● Two sets of headphone microphone and headphone jacks, allowing two interpreters to work on the translation unit

● Separate volume adjustment for speakers and headphones; if all microphones in the same booth are turned off, the speakers will play floor language or translation channels

● Supports headphone microphones and detachable microphones.

● Channel interlocking function allows activation of only one microphone on a channel at a time, ensuring the

uniqueness of the language channel

● Two necessary modes in a translation room: interlocking and covering

● Preset shortcuts for channels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 for quick selection of input channels

● Preset shortcuts for A-B-C for quick selection of output channels

● Supports IC card authentication and translation timing functions.