High Power Radiator for Large Area


Digital IR Language Distribution System High Power Radiator for Large Area

540 IR receiver modules

27 W/sr Total Optical Peak Intensity

Maximum radiation range up to 76 meters

These radiators are used to distribute infrared signals throughout the conference space, enabling delegates to listen to the proceedings by means of personal pocket receivers.

● Compliant to IEC 61603-7 and IEC 60914

 Compatible with any other IR system compliant to IEC 61603-7

 Cable delay compensation for differences in cable lengths between transmitter and radiators

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● High power to achieve further coverage of signal

 Maximum radiation range up to 76 meters.

 Half-power / full-power the operating mode can be selected with a switch

 Synchronization on/off with transmitter

 Standby, working, failure status can monitor by inside lights condition

 Connect further radiators in a daisy chain

 Radiation angle ± 25°

 When the temperature of the radiator is too high, the system will automatically switch from full power to half power.

 For the use in conference rooms, even in daylight