Digital IR Language Distribution System Full Digital 64 Channels Interpreter Desk

Enables direct and relay interpretation
64 interpretation channels
Digital audio technology
Hot plug and play
Removable microphone design


VIS-INT64 is 64 channels interpreter desk that enables direct and relay interpretation available in 63+1 languages to provide an easy and relax time during interpretation work.


● Accommodates up to 64 interpretation channels (incl. floor channel)
● Digital audio technology, built-in high-speed DSP processing.
● Supporting 48 kHz audio sampling rate, 30 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response on all 64 channels
● Anti-interference by any RF signal with metal housing design.
● Hot plug and play, Removable microphone design
● The volume of Loudspeaker and earphone jack support separated adjustment.
● Direct and relay interpretation available
● Hearing protection direct and relay interpretation available
● Interpreter unit can be set as operation unit and all interpreter units support Internal communication with operator unit
● Language and system configuration from the interpreter desk's configuration menu
● Short message and tea service function
● COUGH key to mute the MIC to avoid the unnecessary sound to the output
● Two Interpreter dual user
● The speaker and the headset's volume should be regulated alone. If all microphones in the same booth are off, the loudspeaker will play floor language or interpretation channel
● Support the headset microphone and Pluggable gooseneck microphone.
● Channel interlock function permits only one microphone on a channel to be activated at any time, ensuring the uniqueness of language channels
● Two necessary modes within one interpreter booth: Interlock and Override
● A-B pre-select input key to quickly select Input channel
● The timing function for indicating the interpretation time.

Model for Order

VIS-INT64..................64 channels interpreter unit
VIS-M330................. 330mm gooseneck microphone (black) with windproof sponge cover
VIS-M410..................410mm double gooseneck microphone (black) with windproof cover
VIS-M485..................485mm gooseneck microphone (black) with windproof sponge cover
VIS-M600..................600mm gooseneck microphone (black) with windproof sponge cover

System Diagram

Full Digital 64 Channels Interpreter Desk(图1)

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