Full Digital 64 Channels Interpreter Desk


Digital IR Language Distribution System Full Digital 64 Channels Interpreter Desk

Enables direct and relay interpretation

64 interpretation channels

Digital audio technology

Hot plug and play

Removable microphone design

VIS-INT64 is 64 channels interpreter desk that enables direct and relay interpretation available in 63+1 languages to provide an easy and relax time during interpretation work.

● Accommodates up to 64 interpretation channels (incl. floor channel)

● Digital audio technology, built-in high-speed DSP processing.

● Supporting 48 kHz audio sampling rate, 30 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response on all 64 channels

● Anti-interference by any RF signal with metal housing design.

● Hot plug and play, Removable microphone design

● The volume of Loudspeaker and earphone jack support separated adjustment.

Model for Order:

VIS-INT64..................64 channels interpreter unit

VIS-M330................. 330mm gooseneck microphone (black) with windproof sponge cover

VIS-M410..................410mm double gooseneck microphone (black) with windproof cover

VIS-M485..................485mm gooseneck microphone (black) with windproof sponge cover

VIS-M600..................600mm gooseneck microphone (black) with windproof sponge cover

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● Direct and relay interpretation available

● Hearing protection direct and relay interpretation available

● Interpreter unit can be set as operation unit and all interpreter units support Internal communication with operator unit

● Language and system configuration from the interpreter desk's configuration menu

● Short message and tea service function

● COUGH key to mute the MIC to avoid the unnecessary sound to the output

● Two Interpreter dual user

● The speaker and the headset's volume should be regulated alone. If all microphones in the same booth are off, the loudspeaker will play floor language or interpretation channel

● Support the headset microphone and Pluggable gooseneck microphone.

● Channel interlock function permits only one microphone on a channel to be activated at any time, ensuring the uniqueness of language channels

● Two necessary modes within one interpreter booth: Interlock and Override

● A-B pre-select input key to quickly select Input channel

● The timing function for indicating the interpretation time.