Height-Adjustable Touch Screen With Array MIC


NETLINK Paperless Multimedia System Height-Adjustable Touch Screen With Array MIC

ARRA-TechTM Microphone array technology

Voice pick-up distance is not less than 80cm

High-speed silent motor control lifting

Online whiteboard with document saving

Simultaneous presentation and one-key projection

Optional (speaking/voting/simultaneous interpretation/built-in sign-in or IC card)

This product uses advanced intelligent technology to achieve HD touch display, intelligent lifting, automatic elevation, intelligent control, and a compact and beautiful aluminum structure of integrated design. It provides functions such as automation, theft prevention, dust prevention, and desktop beautification. It can be widely applied in various scenarios including conferences, command centers, offices, hotels, teaching, and studios.

● 15.6"/17.3"/21.5" height-adjustable display, IPS full view, screen ratio of 16:9, resolution of 1080p, dustproof and fingerprint-proof 10-point capacitive touch screen, sensitivity (≤ 2 oz), touch response time (≤ 3 ms), ultra narrow black border (≤ 5 mm).

● Integrated design of the display screen and lifter, all-aluminum alloy architecture with CNC precision-processing, and using ultra-narrow and ultra-thin brushing panels. The desktop occupies small space, with beautiful appearance. The panel is 3 mm thick and 70 mm wide only.

● The panel buttons enables you to control five mechanical actions of the display: upward, downward, stop, forward, and backward. After the display ascends, the intelligent automatic elevation angle is 10°, and the maximum elevation angle manually controlled is 30°.

● The lifter has an intelligent limit switch, which implements automatic power-on when the display ascends and automatic power-off when the display descends, achieving energy-saving and environment protection.

● The panel is equipped with USB interfaces and dustproof covers. You can read files on USB flash drives for local browsing or uploading to the server.

● The height-adjustable display supports simultaneous input of HDMI signals and VGA signals. When there is only one signal input, the display automatically recognizes the signals. When both signals are input, you can manually switch between the two through the panel buttons. When there is no signal input, the display automatically enters energy-saving mode.

● The sound pickup distance of the array microphone is not less than 80 cm.

● Adopt network technology, use standard CAT5e cable, RJ45 connector, convenient for standardized engineering wiring installation and later maintenance.

● The array microphone supports ''Daisy Chain Network'' connection, and the failure of any line or microphone unit will not affect the normal operation of the system.

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● The array microphone has an independent lifter, equipped with three buttons for independent lift, stop, and drop.

● The array microphone is raised and lowered in a hidden way to prevent dust and accidental water damage.

● Array microphone can be configured as chairman unit and delegate unit. The chairman unit has a priority button to turn off the delegate unit.

● Support unit microphone sensitivity and 8-band equalizer EQ independent adjustment.

● High-fidelity sound quality, lossless audio transmission technology, 48K audio sampling frequency, 20 Hz to 20 KHz response frequency, built-in DSP howling suppression.

● Built-in microphone unit hot-swappable function, supports plug-and-play function, automatic recovery function.

● Support voice control mode, intelligently turn on the microphone and set the closing time, the voice control sensitivity can be adjusted, the automatic closing time of the non-speaking microphone can be adjusted, up to 140 seconds, which through the front panel menu of the conference controller or PC software.

● Panel button control and unified RF remote control are supported. The RS485 hand-in-hand structure is used to control the lifter movement state, such as upward, stop, and downward. Can control the screen and microphone to rise and fall at the same time or separately.

● Built-in dual power interfaces—one standard power input interface and one power loop output interface. They provide power for paperless conference terminals and reduce wiring.

● It is equipped with a detachable fail-safe device for the power supply to ensure safety and reliability, providing protection functions such as limit, electric leakage, overload, and current limiting.