15.6" Modular Paperless Multimedia Conferenece Unit


NETLINK Paperless Multimedia System 15.6" Modular Paperless Multimedia Conferenece Unit

15.6" 1920×1080 HD LCD touch panel

supporting multi-touch, improves operation experience

Speech, voting, multi-CHs simultaneous interpretation

Built-in Hi-Fi loudspeaker

The stylish and modular designed Paperless Multimedia Conference Unit  is equipped with a 15.6" high-resolution LCD touch panel.     

It realizes versatile functions, e.g. conference control & management (speech, vote, simultaneous interpretation), sign-in, conference documents management, speech text guidance, conference documents reader and editor, desktop sharing, delegate information and conference agenda display, and record facility on important conferences. Remote conferencing, video display and broadcasting, text messaging, call services, etc. Loudspeaker with superior acoustics with minimal feedback for enhanced intelligibility.

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● Equipped with a 15.6-inch high-resolution LCD touch screen, 16:9 display ratio, providing a better document viewing experience, capacitive touch screen, support for multi-touch, improve operating experience.

● Adopt standard CAT5e with RJ45 connector as the connection cable, which is convenient for standardized engineering wiring installation and maintenance.Attached installation clamp makes the system more stable and firm.

● The modular structure design supports the expansion of hardware modules at any time according to project needs and user needs, including: gooseneck microphone module, voting module and other customizable modules for combination.

● The connecting cable can be selected from the bottom or the rear of the unit to meet various engineering needs.

● Support a variety of gooseneck microphones of different lengths, flexible selection according to the needs of the conference.

● Three-key, five-key voting function, customizable voting type, simultaneous interpretation function, with 64-channel selector, display language type and channel(the channel can be selected only after insert the earphone).

● Internal high fidelity loudspeaker.

● Double Head-set interface with volume adjust.

● The unique AUDIO-LINK digital ring network technology achieve full-digital signal transmission and processing, anti the RF interference from cell phone or similar devices.

● The fan-free design of the controller and power supply expansion equipment ensures that there is no fan noise; the unit touch button design makes the microphone ON/OFF no longer generate noise.

● "Daisy Chain" connection makes the system always working perfectly and more reliable.      

● The sensitivity of the unit microphone and 8 segment equalizer EQ adjusted independently.

● Time and date display function, and can display speaking time, countdown speaking, etc.

●All units can be selected as chairman unit hardware, and then use the conference management software to reset them to the chairman or delegate unit according to actual conference needs.

●The delegate unit can be set as a VIP unit through the application software, and up to 32 VIP delegate units can be set. As long as the total number of microphones in the system does not exceed 8, the VIP delegate unit can be turned on freely.