CLEACON Full Digital DSP Conference System Full Digital Extension Main Unit

Expense four chains

No fan and noiseless design

Compact profile


● Expense four chains
● No fan and noiseless design
● Compact profile


● To achieve loop wired architecture with star wired benefits.
● Get 4 CU/DU channels.
● Work with no noise power supply to achieve "No fan, Noiseless" power enhancing.
● The distance between VIS-EXM extension main unit up to 100m

Control & Indicators

Power indicator
Loop through chains indicators
Repeated chains indicators
Grounded or Floating switch


Self-locking DC connector
4 x RJ45 loop ports or Microphone ports
2x RJ45 Loop through chains

Technical Parameters

Power: 3A 48VDC
Dimension:223x37x92mm (W x H x D)

Model for Order

VIS-EXM..................Extension main unit

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