Multi-media Digital Conference Unit with Touch Screen


CLEACON Full Digital DSP Conference System Multi-media Digital Conference Unit with Touch Screen

Vote, NFC card identification, Simultaneous interpretation, Dual user

Multimedia touch interface

5-inch screen, Dual earphones jack

Line-in jack

The VIS-DMD-T is a multimedia conference unit based on the VISSONIC AUDIOLINK multimedia IP network technology. It is equipped with a 5-inch IPS touch screen, which improves the flexibility of the conference and the interactivity of the meeting content.

This unit can set as chairman, delegate, VIP or dual-user unit according to the requirements of the conference. As the various requirements of meeting, it can upgrade the software to achieve more functions without changing unit or hardware.

The current software module contains five functions:


-NFC card identification

-Simultaneous interpretation channel

-Dual user

By chairman unit, you can use the touch screen on the VIS-DMD-T unit to manage different aspects of the meeting. It allows you to start, pause meetings, view request-to-speak lists, approve request, view addresser profiles and speaking times, and even record meetings, easily start and stop voting etc.

By delegate unit, you can view the agenda and the remaining time to speak. You can even see who is speaking and the position you are on the speaking list.

● Compatible with IEC 60914, GBT 15381-94 standard

● The unique AUDIO-LINK digital network technology realizes full digital signal transmission and processing.

● Single CAT5e cable transmits 64 channels of audio and various information.

● High-fidelity sound quality, lossless audio transmission technology, 48K audio sampling frequency, 20Hz ~ 20KHz response frequency.

● Conference controller can output 16 segment equalized EQ to achieve sound field adjustment; pressure limit, which can recognize the noise gate passed by human voice; AGC automatic volume gain control; AFC automatic feedback suppression and auto-mix technology.

● 5-inch capacitive touch screen and built-in NFC card reader can quickly identify participants

● All-in-one touch screen conference unit, it can be configured as a chairman unit, delegate unit, VIP unit or dual delegate unit

● Internal high-fidelity loudspeaker

● Easily expand functions by setting software modules

Model for Order:

VIS-DMD-T ............ Multimedia touch screen conference unit

VIS-DCP2000-D ..... Full Digital Network DSP Conference controller

VIS-MDA .......... Rectangular microphone, Digital + Analog output dual backup microphone

VIS-M220 ........ 220mm microphone (black) with anti-wind foam cover

VIS-M330 ........ 330mm microphone (black) with anti-wind foam cover

VIS-M410 .........410mm microphone (black) with anti-wind foam cover

VIS-M485 ........ 485mm microphone (black) with anti-wind foam cover

VIS-M600 ........ 600mm microphone (black) with anti-wind foam cover

Optional function license

VIS-LLGE ................... Dual 64-channel selector software module

VIS-LVOTE ................ Vote software module

VIS-LIDEN ................. NFC identification software module

VIS-LDUAL ................ Dual user software module

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● The design is compact, modern and with latest VISSONIC technology

● Adopt standard CAT5e with RJ45 connector as the connection cable, which is convenient for standardized engineering wiring installation and maintenance.

● All-in-one touch screen unit can be set as the chairman, delegate, VIP or dual delegate unit via conference system software or the menu of conference controller front panel.

● Chairman unit can pause the delegate's speech, close the delegate's speech, view the speaking request list, agree or reject the delegate's speech request, and functions of starting conference recording, stopping recording, selecting conference topics, initiating sign-in, and voting.

● Delegate unit can request to speak and view your position in the request list, information of the addresser, and view the meeting topic.

● The system can set up to 32 VIP delegate units. As long as the total number of microphones already turned on in the system does not exceed 8, the VIP delegate unit can be turned on freely.

● Contains five optional function modules:

    Voting: three-button / two-button voting

    NFC identification: Sign in with NFC card to accurately identify user information.

    Simultaneous interpretation channel: support 2 language channel selectors, each selector supports 64 languages independent selection.

    Dual users: Support two participants sharing one unit to achieve camera tracking at two locations; enabling two delegates to vote on one unit.

● 5-inch capacitive touch screen displays conference information, such as agenda, addresser information, addresser list and request-to-speak list, speech timing, timing speaking, current time and date, Chinese and English switching, and checking unit version information.

● The conference unit has sign-in function and service function through the touch screen

● Supports set the current microphone sensitivity and 8-band equalizer EQ adjustment.

● Can be configured with gooseneck microphone or rectangular digital and analog dual backup microphone

● Dual headphone port design, volume can be adjusted through touch screen

● Hand-in-hand-loop-network connection and star connection, the system is more reliable. Replacement one unit and failure of cable will not affect the normal operation of other units in the system.

● Hot plug-and-play, automatic recovery.

● The number of speakers limit function: you can set the speaker units that are turned on at the same time (the number is 1/2/4/6, and a maximum of 32 units are allowed to speak in the full-open mode)

● Has the following speaking modes:

"OPEN" open mode, "VOICE" voice control mode, "OVERRIDE" mode, "APPLY" application mode, "PTT" press and hold to speak (optional), "ALL" full open mode (optional)

● Combined with camera and a camera tracking controller, it has an automatic camera tracking function.