AUDIOLINK Network Audio System Flush mount boundary Microphone

Flush mount interface microphone

The design can be hidden when not in use

Analog audio, digital audio dual signal


VIS-BDY-F is a built-in microphone that makes the microphone hide on the desktop when not in use. This is achieved by simply pressing down on the top of the microphone until it locks. Then press the microphone again, and the microphone will rise back to its original position. This microphone can be used in the CLEACON Full-digital network conference system through the VIS-AIB analog connection box, or it can be used in the analog system, such as VIS-FS100-A automatic feedback suppressor, mixer, audio processor, etc.


Low profile on any desktop or surface
The microphone is equipped with a reed switch, which is designed to switch at the beginning and end of each session when the microphone is no longer used. When the microphone is in the up position, the switch contact is closed (ON), and when it is retracted, the switch will be OFF.
Capacitive touch button can be optionally installed to easily set the microphone off or on for sound pickup.
Cardioid pattern.
Built-in microphone preamp power supply module, no need to use external power supply module
The sturdy all-metal structure design provides two layers of steel mesh cover protection
The microphone works from DC 11V to 52V phantom power.
Output with 3-pin XLR or 3.5 Phoenix connector
Built-in ring-shaped LED status indicator
Built-in RF filter
Equipped with shock-proof isolators to reduce vibration noise on the installation surface


Mic capsule ........ electrostatic capacitive type
Directivity Pattern ........ Cardioid 
Frequency response ........ 40-19,000 Hz
Turn-on sensitivity ........    -40 dB (10 mV) at 1V at 1 Pa
Impedance ........  200 ohm
High maximum ........ SPL 142 dB SPL, 1 kHz at 3% T.H.D.
Dynamic range ........  (typical) 113 dB, 1 kHz at highest sound pressure level
S / N....... 65 dB, 1 kHz at 1 Pa
Phantom power ........ DC 11-52V, power consumption 5.7 mA typical
Switch Touch control ........ On / Mute
Weight ........ 65 g
Overall ........ length 84.8 mm, diameter 38.0 mm, maximum width 48.0 mm
Output terminal ........  Built-in 3-pin XLR
Standard configuration ........ 1 pair of shock-proof isolator

Model for order

VIS-BDY-F ...Flush mount boundary Microphone
VIS-AIB ........ Analog microphone connection box
VIS-DCP2000-D .............. Full Digital Network DSP Conference System Controller
VIS-FS100-A .............. Fully automatic feedback suppressor


 Flush mount boundary Microphone(图1)

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