Analog Array Microphone Unit


AUDIOLINK Network Audio System Analog Array Microphone Unit

Exquisite and compact design

Touch button design

48VDC phantom power supply

Pickup distance above 80CM

The SONICON series array microphones designed by VISSONIC adopt the ARRA-TechTM array microphone technology independently developed. The sound pickup distance is not less than 80CM. The corridor-type directional characteristics increase the acoustic transmission gain. The use of hidden microphones makes the conference room cleaner. The array microphone maintains a clear and stable pickup function, increasing the speaker's range of activity.

Model for Order:

VIS-PTA-T.............. Array Microphone with XLR connector 

VIS-FS100-A.............. 5 channel automatic feedback suppressor with Audiolink port

VIS-DSP8/12/16...................DSP audio processor

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●Unique modern design with touch button.

●Using the self-developed ARRA-TechTM array microphone technology,

●The pickup distance is 60-80CM. The establishment of a personal pick-up sound area, whether the speaker is standing, backward or sideways, provide freely speaking experience.

●With no goose neck design, speakers and attendees can communicate without blocking the view.

●The hidden adjustable gain knob can quickly set up the whole system according to the field sound amplification conditions.

●2m audio cable with XLR male connector for extending to the VISSONIC dB-NET series DSP audio matrix or any mixer system.